Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark
These Files Have been sent in by fans,
And you may find some mixes/versions here that you have not heard before.
I want to give a very special THANK YOU, for these contributions.
If you would like to make a contribution, then please do get in touch

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The files below are unique and have been mixed by Koen Kroeze. I think that he has done a fantastic job
on these. If you would like to read a little bit more about these mixes, done by Koen, click here

 (1) O M D - EVERY TIME [MMC 12'' remix]
 (2) O M D - EVERY TIME [MMC Fastimix]
 (3) O M D - FLOATING... (MMC full version)
 (4) O M D - JULIA'S SONG [MMC 12" remix]
 (6) O M D - PROMISE [MMC radio edit]
 (7) O M D - SAILING ON THE SEVEN SEAS [MMC 7'' remix]
 (8) O M D - SAILING ON THE SEVEN SEAS [MMC 12'' remix]
 (9) O M D - TOO LATE [MMC new radio edit]
 (10) O M D - SOUVENIR [Moby remix - MMC radio edit]
The files below have been sent in by Corky.. Thank you Corky
Whitney Vs. OMD
OMD - If You Leave - (drumz of war mix)
OMD Vs Missy Elliott
OMD vs Nelly Furtado - Turn off the Electricity!
OMD - Enola Gay (DJ HoPeLeSS Klubb Remix)
These tracks were found by secret_message from the Motion And Heart Forum 
IML Tropixx Vs OMD - Electricity
Playgirl - Electric Sk8erboi (OMD vs Avril Lavigne)
Sash feat OMD - Enola Gay (AC Seven Remix)
OMD - Electricity Seej - F-Bomb 75 **NOTE** ADULT CONTENT Read some information about this
an eve massacre mix - i wish i knew how it feels to talk loud and clear
Bad Boyz DJ Team - Enola Gay
DJ Manta - Holding on

Messages Razormaid Mix
sampling the blast furnace
Genetic Engineering - No Vocals - So Sing Along !
If You Leave - No Vocals - So Sing Along !


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Here are some notes from Koen, about his mixes
When you're re-working a song this could mean a couple of things:
1. you don't like the original
2. you like the original, but you want to enjoy it longer
3. for commercial purposes...

Extended remixes

Well in my case I really liked all the original versions and I never thought of any commercial purposes. When I finally bought the Sailing on the seven seas extended version I was more or less disappointed as it didn't include an extended version, but a different mix. I really liked the album/single versions, so I decided to extend this track, like the famous Razormaid dj's did in the past. Since I'm not a remixer/dj I still started to rework the track on my pc. The results (tracks 7 & 8) are in my opinion not bad at all.
Because of my first 'OMD-remix success' I tried to extend the original b-side of Everyday, Every time as well. Here the unedited extended version (track 1) as well as a faster version (track 2).
Regarding Julia's song (track 4), I really like all released versions, even though I never understood why they entitled the instrumental/dub version as an extended, so I made my own real extended version. Surprisingly the quality of the vinyl was still very good...
As the extended version of Sailing... and Floating on the seven seas were almost alike I tried to create a megamix, the result this extended Floating... keep on floating (track 3), originally recorded on a minidisc.

Unreleased single edits

As most of the compilation albums are incomplete I started to compile my own OMD singles collection. There were too many tracks for one cdr and not enough to fill two, so I decided to add some songs that should've been singles, but never were. Promise (track 6), from the album Organisation, had some hitlist-potential and has been a favourite ever since. So I made a radio-friendly edit of it.
The same I did with Too late (track 9). I never understood why Virgin Records released Universal and not Too late or That was then, this is now, a perfect single to end a career...
The Electrik Music debut album includes the wonderful Kissing the machine (track 5). I wanted to include this non-OMD song also on my singles collection, but somehow I didn't want to use the album version, so I started again working on a radio-friendly edit...
Koen Kroeze, September 2004

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Thanks to Corky for this information.
F-Bomb 75 - Well, after spending 7 weeks on Bad Ju Ju I spent a whole hour on this. And strangely I like this track more. It all started after I heard that Madonna (or her people) had seeded P2P with dummy tracks prior to the release of her new album that simply contained her saying 'What the f*ck do you think you're doing?' It was obvious that someone would do something silly with the sample, and I just happen to be that someone (though this may well turn into a GYBO challenge....). Also featuring the acapella to F*ck The Pain Away by Peaches and McSleazy's cover of Electricity by OMD. Not suitable for kids or those who're easily offended

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